Skyrace Comapedrosa and Skyrace Arinsal 2018

Pick up numbers 

Saturday 28th of july de 16 at 19.30h 
Sunday 29th of july 7:00h at 8:30h
CIC (Centre d'Interpretació del Comapedrosa) 500m from the start

Race: Skyrace Comapedrosa
Distancia: 21km 
Day: 29.07.18
Start: 8:30 h 
Place: Arinsal (La Massana, Andorra)
Elevation Gain: + 2.279 m 
Race: Skyrace Arinsal (popular modality) 
Distancia: 15km 
Day: 29.07.18
Start: 9:05 h 
Place: Arinsal (La Massana, Andorra) ver google maps 
Elevation gain: + 1.415 m 
Awards ceremony
Day: 29.07.18
Start: 13:30h