The SkyRace Arinsal is a 15 km mountain race with 1,325 metres of positive elevation gain.

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The first section of the race gets through a paved road that reaches a very steep trail that runs through a wooded area, from this point the runners will find a high-altitude ridge with scarce vegetation, until reaching the Pic de les Fonts (2748m). At this point they will descend to the Pla de l’Estany where we find a little hut.

At this point you will descend to the Pla de l'Estany where you will find a small border, this is a valley lost in the middle of the Andorran mountains, from this point unlike the SkyRace Comapedrosa we deviate towards the edge of the Agunes where We shared the final stretch to Arinsal.

Distance: 15 Kms
Elevation gain: 1.325m+
Start and finish point: Arinsal – 1.550m
Highest point: Pic de les fonts 2.748m

Technical Features

  • Track
  • Outline
  • Rules
  • Location

The race
The SkyRace Arinsal is a 15 km mountain race with 1,525 metres of positive elevation gain. 
Much of the race takes place at high altitude: 50% of the race is over 2,000 metres, reaching a maximum altitude of 2,750 metres.
The race starts and finishes in Arinsal (La Massana, Andorra).
The Skyrace Arinsal is a very physically and technically demanding race and as a result requires good preparation. 
Participants must be over the age of 15.
The entire course will be properly signposted. It is strictly forbidden to leave the signposted route. 
The Skyrace Arinsal is timed with a chip. 
All images generated for the Skyrace Arinsal are property of the organisation. Participants waive the image rights of the photographs or videos taken as part of the event.
Refreshment stations
Competitors will find four refreshment stations:
• Km 3.5 Coll de les Cases 
• Km 7.7 Carena de Burna
• Km 10.5 Pla de l’estany
• Km 12.8 Borda de les Agunes
Grounds for disqualification include
• Not fully completing the course marked by the organisation. 
• Not having respect for the environment. It is forbidden to leave litter outside of the areas marked for this purpose (refreshment stations).
• Not coming to the assistance of a fellow competitor and not notifying the closest checkpoint. 
• Using any type of prohibited substance considered as doping by the athletics or mountain sports federations. 
• Not following the instructions of the members of the organisation during the race.
Voluntary withdrawal
Except in the event of an accident, it is only possible to withdraw from the race at a checkpoint.
Numbered bibs pick up: Saturday 27 July from 4:00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. and Sunday 28 July from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
Start time: Sunday 28 July at 9:15 a.m. at the Arinsal Ski Resort car park.
Maximum time to complete the race: Six hours
There will be a three hour checkpoint at Pla de l'Estany.
Compulsory equipment
Long sleeve, waterproof windbreaker.
Recommended equipment
Solar protection (sunglasses, sunscreen, a cap, etc.)
Your own refreshments
Optional equipment
Poles may be used. The organisation is not responsible for their transfer. They must therefore be carried at all times or be left and collected at the authorised points.
Categories (according to age as of 31 December 2019)
• Cadet from 15 to 17 ages
• Junior from 18 to 20 ages
• Senior masculin and femenin from 21 to 44 ages
• Master masculin and femenin until 45 ages

3 first places of every category and first and second Andorran runners.